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Affected By COVID-19?

We appreciate that this is a very worrying time for everyone. This pandemic is nothing like we have ever seen or experienced before.  I am sure some of you may be worrying about how to pay your rent but there is help. If you do experience problems you must act swiftly and notify us immediately on Rugby 01788 820019 / 820011 or Leamington 01926 436111. The government have put in place many financial measures to help everyone continue paying their rent.  

Whilst not paying your rent, or making a reduced rent payment, might seem like the best solution in the current circumstances, we must warn you that you might find it very hard later on when you are back in full-time employment, and you have to pay back any arrears that have built up at the same time as making your normal rent payments. So falling behind on your rent payments should be the last option you think about. Therefore, before you consider not paying your rent or making a reduced rent payment we would be grateful if you could do the following things, please:

Check the government guidance for employees:

If you have been furloughed, your employer should continue to pay 80% of your salary to you, which they can reclaim from the government - ask your employer about this if they haven't already mentioned it to you.

Check your eligibility for Universal Credit, which is available for people in and out of work. Support for rental costs will be paid through Universal Credit. I do know they are able to make almost immediate interim payments in some circumstances so please do look into this.


An informative guide for Landlords and Tenants can be found here:

If you have done all of the above and still find that you will be unable to make your monthly rent payment in full,  then we would be grateful if you could email to us the following items:

Confirmation from your employers that you have been made redundant or furloughed;

Proof that you don't qualify for universal credit;

Your most recent bank statements.

Once we have the above information from you then we can decide if we are able to agree a plan for reduced rent payments, and also a plan for repayment of any arrears that accrue.

Please stay in and please stay safe.



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