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Emergency Contacts for Newman Residential Letting's Tenants



These contractors must only be contacted in an emergency situation and where you are unable to contact a member of staff at Newman Residential Letting. If a call out is not deemed an emergency by the contractor then we reserve the right to charge all call out costs to the tenant.  Please note an emergency is classed as a flood/burst pipes, fire or the smell of gas.


Please note that if you call a locksmith to attend the property in order to gain access as a result of lost keys, locking yourself out or similar situation then all associated costs including call out charges will be the sole responsibility of the tenant. If locks are changed, please ensure that a spare set is provided to us as soon as possible.


If you have another working toilet in the property please do not call out the emergency contractor to unblock the toilet as this will be dealt with on the next working day. If you have a blocked sink please check the waste pipe under the sink and remove and check for any obvious obstruction. If the problem persists please purchase some sink and plug hole drainer chemical and pour down the sink. If this does not resolve the issue within 4 hours then this can be classed as an emergency ONLY if you have no other working sink within the property. If your heating is not working please check the setting on your temperature thermostat, this may need increasing to allow for the boiler to ignite.  


In the event of an emergency, please dial 999 for police, ambulance or fire services.

 We highly recommend that you plan an emergency exit route from the property in the event of a fire.

 You should test your smoke and CO2 alarms at least once a month and report any issues immediately.

If you smell gas at any time, please dial 0800 111 999 for the national gas emergency helpline (cadent)


Rugby Contacts

Plumbing/Heating Issues:        
  Safe Hands 4 U Nuno Coelho 07766 487829
Electrical Issues: M J Golding Electrical Mick Golding 07811 132152
Locksmith: Home Guard Double Glazing Pan Dhokia 07973 200623


Leamington Contacts

Plumbing Issues:             Kevin Allen  - KALLEN GAS SERVICES

                                                07824 629359 OR 

Electrical Issues:              Sam Thompson - S & J Electrical Installations Ltd           

                                                07743 520674  OR        

General Repairs:              Clean & Maintain

                                                07917 442 790

Appliance Issues:            Marcus & Susan Carr - CVS

                                                07772 850122 OR

Locksmith:                          Craftmaster Locksmiths  

                                               01926 490 383  or 07468 570 718


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